Paul Morse
Hey, I am one of the co-founders of Hopoo Games and currently working as business development and PR for our new game DEADBOLT. I have a strong passion for games and have always wanted to be part of a small development team. I've gained more experience in development, communications, and how to run a small business from starting Hopoo Games than I even imagined possible. With the successful launch of our first game I am excited to be working on something new!

Duncan Drummond
Hey! I am the artist and programmer for both DEADBOLT and Risk of Rain. I'm self-taught in both GameMaker and Pixel Art (done in MS Paint!) and have been making games for a few years now. I graduated the University of Washington with a bachelors Mechanical Engineering and now live in sunny Seattle. I love video games and my pet cat, Dio.

Chris Christodoulou
Hello everybody! I'm Chris and music is not my middle name. I mean, can you imagine? That would be weird…

Jordan Fehr
Jordan’s talent for creating fantastic sonic worlds is evident in the high praise for titles like Super Meat Boy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, the Hotline Miami series, Dead Secret, Jamestown, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, and 20+ other feature film & game credits. An experienced sound designer, foley artist, and sound mixer (among other things), Jordan brings his skill and passion to the table for the creation of Deadbolt's sound design.